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Azgard - "At the Break of the Day" [Free Album Download]

- Jul 15, 2015 at 10:05AM
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Ukraine is once again making headlines, though this time it's due to some massive deathcore droning. That's right, we caught wind of Ternopil, Ukraine 5-piece metal band Azgard and were like, "Whoa, this shit is cray cray." Long story short, these bruisers are pummeling and naturally we're stoked to be hosting, for free download, their entire debut album At the Break of the Day.

The progressive deathcore/metalcore unit came together in 2009 and unleashed Bogdanchyk's Porridge, their debut EP, in 2011. This latest offering, their first full-length, was completely self-recorded, mixed and produced and eventually released on May 28, 2015. Expect a mix of, as they put it, "aggressive grooves, progressive and djent'y riffs and shredding leads."

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