Beard Springsteen - "Never Gonna Be The Same" [Free Song Download]

- Aug 31, 2015 at 10:17PM
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Hailing from Canada's East Coast, Beard Springsteen is a punk, rock and lo-fi band that released it's 6-track EP, Broken English, on August 24, 2015. Recently the group hit us up and we're lucky enough to be able to offer a free download of the new song "Never Gonna Be The Same".

Broken English "reconciles [band founder] JE's love of pop hooks and loud music in a DIY context. Whether it's in the Guided by Voices cues of the lead single, "Never Gonna Be The Same" or the college rock influences of "I Hate This City," the EP tells out loud the stories no one wants to talk about; hating a city in which you hate yourself while thinking of the better days."

Broken English [EP] Track Listing:

01. Frostbite (E)
02. Larmes à feu (Run'n'hide)
03. Staline
04. I hate this city (E)
05. My War (Is Over)
06. Never Gonna Be The Same

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