Bend Sinister - "Rock N Roll" [Free Song Download]

- Oct 09, 2017 at 02:21PM
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Through and through, despite their numerous influences and absorbed styles, Vancouver, BC's Bend Sinister are pure rock n' roll. A four-piece of fantastically funky fretted fury, we're pumped to be offering the guys' single, freaking appropriately titled "Rock N Roll", as a free download!

When asked about this particular single, off their recent EP, The Other Way, the band noted: "'Rock N Roll' came about during an hours long vintage nintendo and pot smoking marathon at bassist Matt Rhode's house. The band labored intensely over the minute in every lyric and line.... finally putting their collective knumbskulls together and arriving at what can really only be one of the most illuminating lyrics in the Canadian indie rock canon: Rock and roll....IS..... rock and roll! Wo man....... So roll up your sleeves, grease up your moustache and gas up your '79 Camaro cuz we're goin' for a rip!. In the words that will soon be inscribed on Joseph Blood's tombstone: I like to rock. Cuz it makes me wanna rock more."

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