Blacklist 9 - “Madness” [Free Song Download]

- Mar 01, 2018 at 04:51PM
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On November 14th, 2017, Californian metal band Blacklist 9 released their album Put Our Faith in Modern Man But all We Get is Illusion, an eight-track affair packed with a healthy dose of groovy American metal. Graham Fletcher (vocals), Kyle Silva (guitars), Josh Greenburg (bass), and Lonnie Silva (drums) got together at Palmdale CA's Something Something Studios and worked with Diamond Jeff Collier on production, recording, mixing and mastering of the tunes. Head over to Bandcamp to grab your own copy, but be sure to get a nice taster via a free download of the “Madness” single.

Commenting on the single, the band us with these thoughts, “‘Madness’ depicts the everyday lives of American citizens. Outlining the disagreements towards U.S. politics, explaining the arguments, concern, and disappointment many Americans feel towards current U.S. politics.”

Check out the band’s music video for their groovy-as-sin single, “Madness”.

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