Bonnavilles - “Better Part” [Free Song Download]

- Mar 16, 2019 at 12:59PM
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Welcome to the music of Peterborough, Ontario’s Bonnavilles, a quintet which deliver a modernised take on ‘90s skate-punk. Reminiscent of groups the likes of No Use For A Name, NOFX, and Strung Out, Bonnavilles aim to get folks slammin’, jammin’ and plain old skatin’ around atop your worn-in deck. Guys who pour as much energy as possible into each live performance they deliver, lives versions of the songs off their debut four-song EP go over very well in the underground punk circuit.

Back Alleys & Bar Stools, the just-mentioned debut album, dropped on February 22nd, 2019, and can be found on most major DSPs such as Bandcamp here. Supporting these local lads, we’re stoked to offer a free, high-quality MP3 download of their punchy single, “Better Part”, of which the group commented: “I think some people are going to mistake ‘Better Part’ for a love song. It’s not. At least In the traditional sense. It’s about the gratitude we have for the people in our lives that have made us better simply by being a part of it.”

For the “Better Part” of this song, Bonnavilles are just rocking the hell out!

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