Bukowski Family - "Flayed Skin Tapestry" [Free Download] [Exclusive]

- May 27, 2012 at 11:41AM
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The Skinny: You can rest assured that you'll probably never find a band quite like Bukowski Family. The group consists of six members all with the last name Bukowski and all wearing scary, bloody masks that conceal their identity. If you thought Slipknot was bad-ass then you definitely have never checked out the Bukowski brothers. These guys are so hardcore they make Slipknot look like the Mickey Mouse Club. Each member of the family has their own "story," vividly detailed on the Bukowsky Family official website.

Even though they play and release music, the Bukowski Family prefers to be referred to as a death squad rather than a death metal rock band. This "death squad" has just released a new EP titled Initation and from said EP here's a free download of the track "Flayed Skin Tapestry". Enjoy the mayhem and as usual, spread the word and good music!

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