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CARPENTER BRUT Do the "Dance Macabre" While Remaking This GHOST Track

- Aug 28, 2018 at 02:48AM
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With 15-million streams worldwide, “Dance Macabre” is already one of the most popular tracks from Prequelle, the new album from Grammy Award-winning Swedish rock band Ghost.  Now, "Dance Macabre” is reborn with a provocative remix by the eclectic and mysterious French synthwave band Carpenter Brut.

"I’ve been a big fan of Ghost since their beginning,” said Carpenter Brut, “and when I had the opportunity to open for the band in 2016, I was super excited.  Last April, I received an email from Tobias himself asking if I would remix "Dance Macabre" and of course I accepted.  I wanted to bring a funky and disco touch, not just confine myself to the pure synthwave style that would have been expected, but to make this remix a disco rock song and bring out the pop side of the band that is always underlying in their music.”

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