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Cedar Spring Motel - "Cedar Spring Motel" [EP] [Free Album Download]

- Aug 21, 2016 at 02:35PM
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Cedar Spring Motel are a hard rock trio from Hamilton, Ontario which released its new 4-song EP, Cedar Spring Motel on June 11, 2016. We previously posted the band's single "Waiting (For The Rain)" for free download but now have the pleasure of sharing the entire album - grab it above!

A wondrous mix of gritty grunge, '90s era alternative rock and poignant punk, the EP was recorded at The Sugar Shack by Simon Larochette and mastered by Jon Drew.

Said Cedar Spring Motel about their EP: "This is our debut EP. It’s just a few songs we’ve worked on over the last year or so that we were very excited to take to the studio. If you’re familiar with the glorious taste of an ice cold beer in the shower, or the feeling you get on your teeth when you forget to brush them you’ll probably dig the tunes. Or maybe not… we don’t know you."

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