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Czech Existential Doom Group ET MORIEMUR Debut New Single “Offertorium” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Mar 19, 2018 at 08:30AM
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Kick off your week with some existential doom courtesy of the Czech band Et Moriemur and their new single “Offertorium”. Taken from the Prague and Plzeň-based quintet’s upcoming ten-track studio recording Epigrammata, the song is steeped in a vat of bubbling atmospheric, doom, black and death metal which is laced with, as the band put it, “the absurdity of life and triviality of man.” Epigrammata is due on March 20th via Transcending Obscurity Records and can be pre-ordered via the label or Bandcamp.

Consisting of members Zdeněk Nevělík (vocals, piano), Aleš Vilingr (guitar), Pavel Janouškovec (guitar), Karel Kovářík (bass), and Michal "Datel" Rak (drums), Et Moriemur’s new album explores Europe’s rich history by including elements of Gregorian chanting, Latin and ancient Greek, not to mention countless instruments including the cello, violin, trombone and a choir. Stream “Offertorium” just below and check out the track listing and cover artwork.

Epigrammata Track Listing:

01. Introitus
02. Requiem Aeternam
03. Agnus Dei
04. Dies Irae
05. Offertorium
06. Communio
07. Libera Me
08. Absolve Domine
09. Sanctus
10. In Paradisum

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