Danse dE Sade - "Stiletto Ghetto" (Enhanced Mix) [Free Song Download]

- Oct 22, 2017 at 04:40PM
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New York City's Satanic sleaze rockers Danse dE Sade are about as grimy as their hometown's seedy, rat-infested streets. But this is a good thing! Following up on their perfectly dirty full-length release, Sex, Satan, Baroque N' Roll, we're stoked to be offering a free download of the single "Stiletto Ghetto".

Though rather elusive, we were able to corner the band's lead vocalist Count MoriVond for a comment on this single: "'Stiletto Ghetto' is a song about the reputation and distrust one garners for living a promiscuous life. The title refers to all the high heels that can be seen under our dirty beds."

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