David McFarlane - “Miss Kubelik” [Free Song Download]

- Dec 18, 2018 at 09:00AM
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Toronto, Canada-based singer-songwriter and visual artist, David McFarlane, is hot off the December 7th release of his new eleven-track full-length recording, Fieldwork, which you can find at most major streaming services, and purchase here in various formats. Led by the lead-off track and single “Miss Kubelik”, the album is all about catchy, atmospheric tunes rich in extreme-folk/alt-rock with Canadiana-infused topics (think The Tragically Hip meets Matthew Sweet). And, as the article indicates, we’re stoked to offer said single as a free high quality download. Enjoy!

Speaking of the tune, McFarlane noted:

“The song initiated from an interesting chord I happened on while playing in a less common tuning. It developed musically first and I sang nonsensical words to it for some time, while it settled in. Some of the unintentional lyrics stuck - the reference to ‘Ms. Kubelik’, who is a character from the Billy Wilder film, “The Apartment”. I started to realize that the douchebag executive types portrayed in the movie very closely resembled our current climate of leadership, socially, politically, etc.. So the song thematically morphed into a surrealistic overlay of modern day onto Mr. Wilder’s archetypal flic. Only it’s 100 times worse now.”

Fieldwork Track Listing:

01. Miss Kubelik
02. River of News
03. As Usual
04. The Life and Death of Tom Thomson
05. Kemptville
06. Rongwrong
07. Caledonia
08. 1982
09. Spirit Away
10. You Always
11. Pattern of You

Because we all need more new music in our lives... check out the “Space Jace” video.

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