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Death Metal Supergroup HEADS FOR THE DEAD Stream Some “Post Mortem Suffering” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Aug 27, 2018 at 11:00AM
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Doom, crust, dark, black, death metal. We’ve got it all for you here, packed into one hard punch with the exclusive premiere of metal supergroup Heads For The Dead’s brand new track “Post Mortem Suffering.” Not your average startup group, this act includes members of Ursinne, Sentient Horror, Revel In Flesh and more. It’s hard to believe all that metal talent is combined into one, but lucky for you, it’s true!

Led by Jonny Pettersson, also from Henry Kane and Pale King, Heads For The Dead create metal that draws inspiration from old-school horror films. The band has a new album titled Serpent’s Curse and there are few metallic releases you’ll hear that are as diverse and eclectic as this one, without compromising the band’s overall chemistry. Revel In Flesh’s Ralf Hauber brings a ferociousness on vocals that completes the picture and brings everything to life in a way like few others. This debut record will keep you riveted right through to the last note and it will stand out among your favourite metal releases of the year. We assure you!

Make sure to pre-order Serpent’s Curse so you have it the second it’s released on September 24th. Your pre-order can be found via Transcending Obscurity Records right here.

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