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Debut DRWG MUSIC's Signing, STUNTED, Streaming New Single "Displays [Pride]"

- Dec 13, 2017 at 06:24PM
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Stunted is set to release its debut album Fault on February 23rd, 2018, and is now streaming the single "Displays [Pride]". The band comes from the mind of Alex Petralia, also of the Bay Area punk group NOPES and the album is the first release via brand new Bristol/Cardiff-based recording label DRWG MUSIC, formed by publicist Sheltered Life PR founder, Richard S Jones.

Commenting on the new musical project, Petralia noted: “I always wanted to make music at my own pace and involve various friends to contribute instrumentation. The project became more focused with the inclusion of the overall theme of the seven cardinal sins for the seven tracks. That was always a big thing that stuck with me growing up as a kid. Having Catholicism and all its fun narratives shoved down my throat.”

Fault Track Listing:

01. Displays [Pride]
02. Crave [Lust]
03. Loaded [Gluttony]
04. Green [Greed]
05. Evil Eye [Envy]
06. Wrath
07. Slug [Sloth]

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