Declan O’Donovan - “Hank” [Free Song Download]

- Jun 05, 2018 at 09:00AM
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Hailing from Whitehorse, the capital city of Canada’s Yukon territory, comes Declan O’Donovan, a folky singer-songwriter who, through his voice, piano and guitar, majestically translates emotion into whiskey-ready music. Following his June 2nd, 2017, release, Broken Sky, O’Donovan is back with more new tunes in the form of the two-song single Hank. Hank, which also includes “Let It Rain (Reprise)”, was issued on May 4th and sees the artist further balance all things rural and roots.

Grab a free high quality MP3 download of the “Hank” single, check out O’Donovan’s work on Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud, and be on the look out for live dates as some shows have been listed, with more to come.

“Hank” is supposedly loosely based “on an urban legend about a promiscuous Hank Williams, and woven into a story about a childhood friend” with Declan declaring of the tune, “‘Hank’ is a song about a man who is too broke and too broken to care. Hank has cuts and bruises, Hank is still wearing yesterday’s clothes, Hank is grinning while taking a walk of shame.”

Grab a whiskey and check out Declan’s video for his single “Down To The Bottom”.

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