Demimonde - "Dark Matter" [Free Song Download]

- Feb 15, 2017 at 08:06PM
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The Czech Republic's dark progressive/experimental metal band, Demimonde, released their eight-song Cygnus Oddyssey full-length on August 10th, 2016 (purchase your copy right here. Now, months later, the sci-fi-themed group are offering up a free sampling of the album's atmospheric and avant-garde sounds via this free download of the single "Dark Matter".

The band elaborated on the album as follows: "After approximately 16 years, Demimonde are back with a new, and this time conceptual, album Cygnus Oddyssey; once again creating, and playing live, comprehensively orchestrated, unorthodox and multi-layered metal music, filled with dark moods, robotic sounds, ambience, instrumental outpourings, unconventional structures and journeys from the outermost depths across uncharted galaxies to nowhere and back."

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