Descenery - "Stillborn Monolith" [Free Song Download]

- Aug 21, 2017 at 10:01PM
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Vladivostok, Russia is home to a gnarly little metal group called Descenery that released it's debut full-length recording titled Stillborn Monolith on July 1, 2017 - grab a free digital copy on Bandcamp. We were recently in touch with the guys and they agreed to allow us to also host a free download of the single "Stillborn Monolith".

The guys also left us their thoughts on the single saying:

"When our band was born it had the different name - Equalusion. And the last summer I was really tired of 4 years working on the debut album of my main band. I'd spent too much time with the songs, I almost started to hate them. The band name seemed awful to me as well. All I wanted that time was to complete the album. According to the idea I'd break-up the band to start something that I'd enjoy more.

"I had the idea in my mind to let the title track on the LP explain the situation with closing one project and starting another one. Said and done. The lyrics piece called "Stillborn Monolith" was brought into this world! A bit after that Leon (my bandmate) got the brilliant idea. He asked me what I think of changing the band name and releasing "Stillborn Monolith" as the first but not last album. I put a big part of myself into this project and deep inside I never really wanted to bury the band. That's why Equalusion survived and transformed into Descenery.

"Although I didn't want to re-write the lyrics of the title song, because I was satisfied with the result. And it still tells the story based on the real events. Ragnar Widerberg from Witherscape/Shadowquest recorded incredible guitar solo for this song. It was a pure pleasure to hear his solo in our song for the first time ever. As a big fan of Witherscape I know what I'm talking about!"

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