Desolate Shrine - "The Sanctum of Human Darkness" [SoundCloud Album Stream]

- Dec 05, 2012 at 09:47AM
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The Skinny: Finland's largest and longest-running metal site,, is now streaming the newest release from Desolate Shrine, The Sanctum of Human Darkness, in its entirety. Over a year and a half after decimating ear drums with the sounds from their debut album Tenebrous Towers, Desolate Shrine returns with their highly anticipated and very dark sophomore release.

The Sanctum of Human Darkness is nearly 55 minutes of dark, misanthropic death metal which is a reminder why Finland remains home to some of the nastiest death metal today. The album will be available on December 15th on Dark Descent Records. Become one with the darkness and stream the album below!

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