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DOM SITH Gets Ambient, Trippy and Moody with His Latest Single “Mono” [Song Premiere]

- May 22, 2019 at 09:29AM
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In need of something ambient to begin the day? Well, you’ve come to the right place with the exclusive premiere of Dom Sith, aka Dom Smith’s, latest track “Mono.” You may know Sith as the drummer for Mary and the Ram and The Parasitic Twins, but in his spare time he has continued to experiment with electronic beats and sounds, and “Mono” (which you can purchase now right here) is his latest creation.

The song is a dark, lo-fi offering that recalls the very best of 1990s trip-hop, which may remind you of genre-defining artists such as PortisheadTricky. Make sure to check out more of Sith with our premiere last August of his video game-style single, “Whisper.”

With the pending May 24th release of “Mono” out through the recently resurrected Yorkshire alternative electronic music label The New Anonymous, Sith is looking to inspire others with his latest collection of beats and samples. Commented Sith, “I just want to make electronic music, man. I forever wanted to be like Trent Reznor, or Chris Corner (IAMX), so I got some software and just started tinkering a few years back, just trying to make really unsettling sounds. I’ve done a few releases now, and they're pretty lo-fi and dark, but if I can make music that I genuinely love, then I want others to know that they can too.”

Ok, enough talking. Here’s our premiere of Dom Sith’s latest song, “Mono!”

Listen to more from Sith with his haunting track titled “Howl.”

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