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Ectovoid - "Transcend Into the Moonless Night" [Exclusive Free Download]

- May 10, 2012 at 11:13PM
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The Skinny: Out of the ashes of a few other projects, death/black metal band Ectovoid formed in the autumn of 2010. Ectovoid play a raw, atmospheric form of death metal that fuses the sounds of classic bands like Immolation and Autopsy with the sorrowful urgency of European black metal. The Birmingham, Alabama trio immediately got hard at work on making music and crafting their sound and by December of the same year, had recorded their first demo Breathing Blackness. Ectovoid self-released their debut the following March all-the-while continuing to work on their music and crafting a debut release.

By the Winter of 2011, Ectovoid had finished writing their first record, Fractured in the Timeless Abyss. The album was recorded in November and December of 2011and is scheduled for release in May through Hellthrasher Productions. For all you fans of vinyl, the band has also opted to do a vinyl version which is due out later in this Summer. As a sample of Ectovoid's debut record, we're super-pleased to offer an exclusive free download of the song "Transcend Into the Moonless Night".

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