Eden Warsaw - “Pink California” [Free Song Download]

- Oct 04, 2018 at 05:00PM
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Together, four Toronto, Canada natives, Mark David (vocals, guitar), Phanat Chan (lead guitar), Kyle Densmore (drums), and Troy Donaldson (bass), comprise the gifted alternative act Eden Warsaw. Loaded with upward momentum, the group continue to slay the local scene while expanding their international presence through their mixture of alternative, electronic, and pop music.

Now, as they’re fresh of the announcement of their inaugural tour (they’ll be hitting Eastern Canada this October), not to mention an upcoming EP release, things are only going to get crazier in the EW camp as the quartet work towards the early 2019 release of a 13-track full-length album. With that all said, we’re stoked to help hype the crew with a free download of their single “Pink California”, taken from the Calm The Coast EP.

Speak of the single, the music video’ Director, Patrick Hodgson, left us with these words: “In ‘Pink California’ I wanted to explore how Mark and the band write their music, and how it bonds them together. Mark has a falling out with his girl, and the loft - bathed in pink light - becomes the writing sanctuary, their happy place, their California. All of the frustrations of life and relationships channel into their music, which begs us to consider the power and effect music has on us.”

If you’re like us, and totally sweet on this song, you should also check the “Pink California” video.

Need more? Stream the full EP on Spotify!

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