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Electronic Rocker SOUL EXTRACT Further Teases ‘Circadian Algorithm’ with New Single “Nebula” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Nov 08, 2018 at 03:00PM
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Cinematic electronic rock artist, Soul Extract is nothing short of original and ambitious, and today we’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of the new track “Nebula”. The song speaks to the complex, hybrid sound that is Soul Extract, an aesthetic that may remind you of modern day Muse or even Nine Inch Nails.

The song is off the upcoming full-length album, Circadian Algorithm, due out on November 13th via FiXT and available for pre-order here. Soul Extract is the creation of Josh Mullis, the driving force behind this project. His approach to artistry is not to follow conventions, but to dive headfirst into the unlimited possibilities of electronic rock and approach songwriting with both an analytical and eccentric mindset. Mullis’ willingness and lack of fear to disrupt genre norms and regular expectations leads to several exciting twists and turns which you’ll hear on Circadian Algorithm.

The dope single, “Oblivion”, is the lead track off the new album.

Commenting on the new single, Mullis noted, “I felt this was the song that made the album. After the initial release in 2017, I was deeply honored to hear all the feedback from fans on how they personally connected with this track. Written to be a journey of where you are in life and where you could be, ‘Nebula’ reminds us that going through hard times can shape us into a better people, creating something beautiful from our pain.”

Circadian Algorithm is a diverse and inspired collection of music that marks only the beginning for an artist with a mind full of ideas and potentials. Get to know this act, the music, and even Mullis’ humanitarian efforts with the New Day Foster Home based in China if you have interest in learning more about the artist.

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