Eryn Non Dae. - “Eclipse” [Free Song Download]

- May 01, 2018 at 07:07PM
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On March 9th, Toulouse, France’s progressive quintet, Eryn Non Dae., released their latest studio recording, the seven-song Abandon Of The Self, via Debemur Morti Productions. While you can trust us that it’ll be money well spent, if you’re hesitant to immediately purchase the album via Big Cartel or Bandcamp, you can now get your feet wet with a free download of the single “Eclipse”.

Abandon Of The Self Track Listing:

01. Astral 07:46
02. Stellar 06:37
03. Omni 09:37
04. Eclipse 04:31
05. Halo 10:18
06. Fragment 07:46
07. Abyss 06:12

It’s dark, it’s progressive, it’s heavy, it’s a must-watch/listen. This is the video for “Hidden Lotus”.

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