‘Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid?’ KILL SURF CITY Have a Cure! [Exclusive Premiere]

- May 29, 2018 at 09:00AM
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Due out this Friday, June 1st, via independent Canadian label Blacktop Records, Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid? is the debut full-length studio recording from Kill Surf City, the new side project from Fort Wayne, IN’s Grey Gordon. Teeming with nifty ‘90s college rock, the album, was written and self-recorded by Grey using nothing more than his MacBook, GarageBand, and a ’70s Yamaha acoustic. Today, we’re stoked to share a debut listen of the musician’s latest work and encourage you to check him out online as well.

Commenting on his new ten-track offering, Grey gave us the following deets:

“This is my debut full-length under the Kill Surf City moniker. I think trying to summarize what this record is about does it a disservice, but I’ll try to construct a succinct description. Basically, this record is about being at odds with absolutely everyone and everything. Even yourself. Even existence on a conceptual level. At the same time, it’s not a melancholy reflection but simply an observation and reporting of the facts as I experience them. It’s about paying rent, people talking to you when you’ve got headphones in, cops, kids who act like cops, and getting old.

“And it’s about how all those things intersect to create the perfect condition to produce someone like me. A man at odds with everything, even the things he loves. Even himself. This record is about the self-imposed prison sentence that is not giving a shit about the things people find important and giving way too much of a shit about the things they don’t. It’s also about navigating those things with much less dramatic flair than this block of text would suggest.”

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