Excuses Excuses - "The Outsider" [Free Song Download]

- Nov 04, 2016 at 12:20PM
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Excuses Excuses are an unsigned Canadian punk rock n' roll trio that you're likely to find in various cities around Ontario, working on new music or playing small, local shows. With a new 5-song EP, Frame Of Mind, slated for a November 25, 2016 release we're pumped to help the guys premiere their track "The Outsider" via this free song download!

According to the band, Frame Of Mind, "...focuses largely on events and experiences from our teenage years touching on topics of drug use, family/personal matters, loss, and the uncertain future. The words 'frame of mind' discuss the perception of one’s own life experiences and retrospectively looking at it."

Frame Of Mind Track Listing:

01. The Outsider
02. Alibis
03. Rewind!
04. Frame of Mind
05. (Is That) What You Meant

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