Falling Edge - "Convergence at Fossil Falls" [Free Song Download]

- Feb 08, 2018 at 09:43AM
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Southern Ontario is home to Falling Edge, an unsigned progressive rock act that while originally a four-piece, currently consists of founding member Chris Rupert (guitar, vox, keys, bass) and Rob Kovar (drums). Read on for more up-to-date news, but first get a feast of the band's skills with this free download of the single "Convergence at Fossil Falls".

Falling Edge are in the midst of wrapping up the recording of their third album, the follow-up to their sophomore effort Convergence at Fossil Falls. The music is complex and it means the band and their changing lineup require a lot of time to get things right. But patience is a virtue, and the music is well worth it. Like what you're hearing? Be sure to hit the band's main website to purchase your own physical or digital copy of the new, or previous, albums: www.fallingedgemusic.com.

Regarding the song's somewhat cryptic lyrics, Chris Rupert revealed, "'Convergence at Fossil Falls' tells the story of a dying relationship in which a man desperately begs his wife not to give up on their marriage – not for his sake, but for hers. It's a long song (it is prog, after all), but listen through until the end to hear it fully develop.”

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