Gaytheist - "I'm Procrastinate and I Vote" [Free Song Download]

- Jul 20, 2012 at 04:33PM
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There must be something super-special in the juice in Portland, Oregon 'cause yours truly has been posting a shit-ton of news and music from hot, up-and-coming Portland-area bands at an alarming rate as of late. This time we're focusing on band known as Gaythiest, 3 dudes who are set to release their third album, titled "Stealth Beats, on August 21st via Good To Die Records. Think Torche, Jesus Lizard or Quicksand, but funny... and sparkly.

This said, I'd typically leave you with more details about the band and their past, but instead I've opted for the lazy approach and will post an excerpt from the band's hilarious bio. Read on and grab the damn FREE download of "I'm Procrastinate and I Vote" already!

"GAYTHEIST. Gay. Atheist. Music for gay atheists? Sure. Music written by a gay atheist? Yes. Music for anyone that enjoys flopping about like a wet noodle in a dryer as chunks of concrete are thrown in every 30 seconds? Definitely. For the past 15 years Tim Hoff (bass), Jason Rivera (guitar/vocals) and Nick Parks (drums) have tried to add something new to the Portland musical landscape. Nihilist, Lopez, Das Gravyboat, Fiery Cubist, Females, Elitist, El Cerdo, Trojan Hearse, Sprinkles, Roaring Lions. These bands served as preparation for the inevitable: POWER BOTTOM. When that name turned out to already be taken, they settled on the equally awesome GAYTHEIST."

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