Ghost X Gardens - “Concealed Little Weapon” [Free Song Download]

- Oct 31, 2018 at 05:00PM
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Nothing to see here. Move along. No one has a “Concealed Little Weapon” to hide. Now available as a free download, we’re stoked to have teamed up with Ghost X Gardens, real name Adam Rushfield, to give away this song! The track definitely has some Smashing Pumpkins vibes to it and is lifted from the new album Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea (grab it here). “Movies have taught us what love is supposed to look like,” said Rushfield. “A fairy-tale fantasy most of the time. If my version of love isn’t the same as yours, is one of us wrong? Based on past relationships... apparently yes.”

Speaking of the album, there’s a deeper story behind the title. It’s a love letter of sorts about Adam Rushfield’s time while living at New York City’s legendary Chelsea Hotel. After checking into the hotel as a guest on several occasions, Rushfield eventually set up shop as a permanent resident, which helped him in developing his musical career and persona. The major benefit of staying at the hotel was that it allowed Rushfield to be able to write and record at essentially all hours of the day and night without any constraints. However, not long after moving in, it all fell apart as permanent residents became a target for eviction by a new regime of shareholders.

If you’d like another sample of Ghost X Gardens, check out the lyric video for “Hittin’ The Bricks.”

In the time that Rushfield spent there, he developed a friendship with the famous matriarch of the hotel, Storme’ DeLarverie, who had a significant influence on Rushfield’s songwriting. In late-night recording sessions, Rushfield captured the last recordings of DeLarverie singing and speaking about her life. Some of these chats act as interludes throughout the songs you hear on the album. Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea’s aesthetics reflect the eclectic vibe that the hotel has maintained to this day, with grandiose songs which are mellowed by the ambiance of the exchanges between Rushfield and DeLarverie.

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