GOLD - "Interbellum" [Album Stream] [Exclusive North American Premiere]

- Dec 05, 2012 at 03:22PM
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GOLD, the hard rock/heavy metal band from The Netherlands, is excited to be releasing their debut record Interbellum on December 7th, 2012. That said, we're equally stoked to have partnered with the Dutch group to bring you this exclusive North American premiere of the full album. Listen to Interbellum in its entirety now just below!

Interbellum is a collection of nine, rocking songs that will be sure to catch fire in today's musical landscape with its catchy riffs, fresh-sounding vocals and original songwriting. The album catches the perfect tone for today with its urgency, anger, and hope. The main drive of GOLD's songwriting takes place between lead singer Milena Eva and guitarist Thomas Sciarone. Each track on the record strives to be a story unto itself for the listener to interpret on their own. The disc has an authentic tone and warmth to it that really completes the band's sound. GOLD will be performing live this month with more dates to follow in the new year.

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