Grandfather - "In Human Form" [Bandcamp Album Stream]

- Aug 29, 2013 at 11:46AM
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The Skinny: Brooklyn quartet Grandfather have premiered their new album In Human Form online. The album can also be downloaded for free via the band’s website. In Human Form finds the band excelling at creating dark atmospheric rock melded with metal overtones, and boasts additional firepower via production from the legendary Alex Newport (The Mars Volta, The Melvins, Fudge Tunnel).

In Human Form as a whole touches upon the desire to preserve humanity in an increasingly digitalized world. Such is evident in the title track's lyrics, "Pull the plug, hit restart, if we don’t stop this, it will tear us apart." About the significance of the album name and title track, guitarist Michael Kirsch shared the following, "As a band we don’t use samples or synthesizers, and predominantly record on analog equipment. It’s all about trying to preserve this tangible, human element." In an effort to maintain humanity in the recordings, the band moved in together in an industrial building that they converted to a combination living/practice space and demo studio. While forcing them to give up basic necessities like a functional shower or kitchen, it allowed Grandfather to completely devote their time and energy into creating new music.

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