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Grandfather - "No Escapes" [SoundCloud Song Stream]

- Jun 20, 2013 at 01:35PM
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The Skinny: Brooklyn-based quartet, Grandfather have premiered a new song titled "No Escapes" online. The song has the dark atmospheric rock that the band excels at throughout their forthcoming album, In Human Form. Boasting the legendary Alex Newport as its producer (The Mars Volta, The Melvins, Fudge Tunnel), In Human Form drops on August 13th. Listen to "No Escape" below!

"'No Escapes' was one of those songs that practically wrote itself, coming together at the last minute before we hit the studio," shares guitarist Michael Kirsch. "It might not sound like it, but the soundscape in the verse is created by an electric guitar and bass. We try to use traditional instruments in non-traditional ways, rather than rely on modern technology to create new sounds." Such a desire to preserve humanity in an increasingly digitalized world extends to the album title and the song lyrics. As Kirsch explains, "That’s why we titled the album In Human Form. We don’t use samples or synthesizers, and predominantly record on analog equipment. It’s all about trying to preserve this tangible, human element in music."

As opposed to the new standard of swapping audio files as a means to write music, the members of Grandfather actually moved in together in an industrial building that they converted to a combination living space/practice space and demo studio. While forcing them to give up basic necessities like a functional shower or kitchen, it allowed the band to completely devote their time and energy into creating new music.

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