Guilt Trap - “Gestate” [Free Song Download]

- May 18, 2018 at 05:00PM
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It’s Friday night and parties are upon us, so let’s get emo! Vancouver-based foursome, Guilt Trap issued their quick, quirky and fun debut four-track Can’t Get Hurt EP on May 11th and it hearkens back to the early days of emo; a sound currently seeing a bit of a revival in BC. Recorded at Rain City Recorders (Japandroids, White Lung), the album will also receive a proper release show on May 25th at Van City’s Pat’s Pub.

So, ahead of the gig, get to know this great group and their punky mellowness with a free download of the “Gestate” single, of which guitarist and vocalist Stefan Tosheff notes:

“Like most of our songs, ‘Gestate’ just started with riff. Laying a melodic frame that we can build off of makes the entire creative process flow more naturally. Lyrically, the song discusses self-perception and how unaware people can be of how they’re coming off. Broaching the subject can sometimes be a hard thing to do though, and is often better off left alone.”

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