Hammerhands - "Largo Forte" [Free Song Download]

- Oct 20, 2016 at 01:50PM
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We can't stress this enough, you've GOT to check out Mississauga, Canada's Hammerhands! Their latest offering, the 9-song Largo Forte, was released on September 15, 2016 and eclipses anything they've previously done. Not to say their previous work was bad, quite the contrary, the new album just sees the group taking such a massive leap forward that it's borderline unbelievable. Have a hear (and/or download) of the title track "Largo Forte".

This quartet is crazy-talented and somehow conjures up music that's as jarring and sludgy as it is relaxing and melodious. As the band clearly states, they intend their music to be for fans of acts like Neurosis, Converge, and Pelican, as much as Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Leonard Cohen, and it's this distinct dichotomy that truly sets their sludge apart. (See song number seven, "Where We Go".) Long droning passages mixed with slow, hypnotic riffs, and eerie death march drum beats will have this doom metal group - featuring ex-members of The Love and Terror Cult and Dance Electric - stuck in your head for days!

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