Hormoans - "Only One" [Free Song Download]

- Feb 25, 2017 at 02:36PM
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Relax, calm your Hormoans. Actually don't. Hormoans weren't meant to be quelled. Let it out! Toronto, ON-based independent alternative punkers definitely don't hold back when firing up their instruments. A bodacious 2013 NXNE gig pushed this trio into high gear and they've been red-lining their engines since.

A slick mix of punk, garage rock, surf rock and grunge, this band's music is fast, loud and dirty. Their latest release is 2015's sophomore offering, Slander, which will be followed this year - the wrapped writing of a new EP and will record in April. Until new music drops, be sure to check out a free download of their single "Only One".

The band commented on the song, "The second single off of Slander is called 'Only One' - the song is about today's online culture and how we are all becoming more obsessed with ourselves and our status updates; a narcissistic paradigm shift that will only multiply resulting in a totally self indulgent dystopian future."

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