Jon Samuel - “Modern Lovers” [Free Song Download]

- Feb 18, 2019 at 11:00AM
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Whether you know him as Wintersleep’s keyboardist (you know, the Juno Award-winning band that’s shared stages with Paul McCartney and Pearl Jam, plus collaborated with Rush’s Geddy Lee...), from his solo work, or as Dj Centurysamuel, Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Jon Samuel is a talented and ever-evolving musician who’s not one to remain idle for long.

For instance, recently, on February 1st, to be exact, Samuel delivered a new solo recording dubbed Dead Melodies via Hidden Pony Records. (Find yourself a copy via the label’s website, Bandcamp, or your fave streaming service.) Celebrating the newly-released album, we were fortunate to connect with the artist and, after talking promo, are now offering a free high quality MP3 download of the lead single, “Modern Lovers.”

Checking in about his new single, Jon kindly left us with this personal thought: “‘Modern Lovers’ is about the mistrust of strangers, the hopeless and the violence most of us have felt. It’s that moment when things seem darkest. But it’s also about loving against the odds and not giving into a world that could easily have us giving up on one another.”

There’s absolutely nothing dead about these melodies. Watch the “Dead Melodies” video here.

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