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Keeping with the 'Loved' Theme, KEN MODE Release a Stream for Their New Track "Not Soulmates"

- Aug 07, 2018 at 02:03PM
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Juno award-winning metallic noise rockers Ken Mode have released "Not Soulmates," the third track to be released from their new record Loved. The band is feeling their most aggressive on this track, and the album as a whole.

Regarding the track, frontman Jesse Matthewson commented, "The main 'chorus' line, I suppose you could call it, 'You're going to continue enjoying this mistake with me,' was conceived by Scott's wife. This song is about the many complexities of love and the humour that surrounds its entirety - whether people choose to process it or not. It's got riffs you can throw round-house kicks to and is an ode to the Melvins and Zeni Geva."

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