Killers Lodge - "Land of Doom" [Free Song Download]

- Mar 18, 2014 at 07:53PM
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With a desire to play raw, fast and simply dirty rock and roll, the three piece band Killers Lodge, do just that on their debut album Unnecessary I. Composed of musicians John KillerBob (bass, vox), Olly Razorback (guitar), and Christo Machete (drums), these guys spit forth some wicked rock/metal that while akin to Motorhead, remains its own. In partnership with the band we're pleased to present you with this free download of their song "Land of Doom".

Unnecessary I was recorded a the band's studio in Genoa, Italy during the Summer of 2013. Recorded, mixed and mastered by lead singer John himself, the man is multi-talented and even designed the cover artwork and the album's promotion. Killers Lodge insisted on recording the album as live as possible with John noting: "We didn't count the notes, there are imprecisions but that's what you'll listen at live concerts.”

Unnecessary I Track Listing:

01. Cosmos
02. Like a Rock
03. The Grudge
04. Inefficiency
05. New Life
06. Who We Are
07. Land of Doom
08. Ship of Fools
09. Bow and Scrape
10. The Glory of the Pillory

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