Las Vegas Rockers CODE RED RIOT Get Heavy on Their Debut Album ‘Mask’ [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jun 29, 2018 at 09:00AM
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Las Vegas is always a good time! Even more so if your sin-ready soundtrack is courtesy of Code Red Riot, a heavy new Nevadan rock quartet featuring frontman Corky Gainsford. Huh? That name ring a bell? Yep, that’s ‘cause Gainsford used to hit them skins in Century Media Records-signed group Otherwise. Swapping the sticks in exchange for a microphone, the multi-instrumentalist left his previous group due to various frustrations and instinctively sought to continue making music, both out of creative necessity and to vent frustrations accumulated “after 4 years of touring with a band that didn’t feel like it would ever reach its full potential.”

Bygones left by the wayside, Gainsford picked up the drums... and bass... and guitar, and let the music do the talking. Playing all of the aforementioned instruments, he quickly began piecing together what would become Code Red Riot’s debut album, Mask. Featuring twelve “don’t-give-a-shit-what-you-think” rock anthems, Mask is out now (today, June 29th) via Sony RED Music and available at all streaming services, not to mention right here via our exclusive premiere!

Gainsford’s enviable vocal faculty is now the icing on the simple-but-heavy metal-tinged rock cake that you’re about to consume... So, go on... Hit Play! And, while you’re at it, peep the music video for the lead single and demo that set this whole cannonball of potential in motion.

Speaking of the new release, Gainsford notes:

“This album arose from a pit of frustration and fury, after departing from my last band and feeling like my dream of a career in rock n’ roll was finished. My heart was broken, but my passion for music never waned, so I wrote a batch of songs that focused on that pain and tribulation, with no idea of what might come next. Ironically, those songs became the foundation for this band, and our debut album, ‘Mask’.”

This tune set everything in motion...check out the video for “Living Low”.

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