Least of These - "Cadence" [Free Song Download]

- May 27, 2017 at 11:48AM
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Denton, Texas-based foursome, Least Of These, offer up a mix of ‘00s post-hardcore and modern emo resulting in songs that are as aggressive as they are emotive. On May 19, 2017, the band released their six-song EP WOLVES (purchase here) from which we're now pleased to offer a free download of the single "Cadence". Fans of Taking Back Sunday and/or Emery are going to eat this up!

The band's singer Jonny Gore commented on the track, saying: "Have you ever been explaining to someone why you feel a certain way about something and halfway through you realize you have as many questions as they do? This is a crucial point in a conversation. This is where you choose to either admit you don't know everything, and learn together through conversation, or get angry from the realization that you don't have all the answers. Maybe we are all the same, but that's not what we want."

WOLVES Track Listing:

01. Creo
02. Overcast
03. Paradox
04. Winter
05. Wolves
06. Cadence

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