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MAGIC CITY HIPPIES Introduce You to "Franny" with Their New Song and Stream

- Jun 25, 2018 at 09:45AM
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After recently releasing the new track "Body Like a Weapon," Magic City Hippies have released another new track, this one titled "Franny." This is the second track to come from recording sessions that took place this past winter. Formerly known as Robby Hunter Band, the group recorded and released a self-produced, widely acclaimed debut album called Magic City Hippies in 2013. Encouraged by the reception to this debut release, the band soldiered on and eventually changed their name to the name of their debut album which they felt was a better-fitting moniker for the music they were trying to make. Thus far, MCH have played big at Bonnaroo (2017), Hulaween (2017) and Okeechobee Fest (2018).

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