Marvelous Darlings - “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party” [Free Song Download]

- Nov 11, 2011 at 09:26AM
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Marvelous Darlings started in 2007 one hot summer day. Matt Delong (aka Matty D) and Ben Cook (aka Young Governor, guitarist in Fucked Up) were sitting in a pool in the east end of Toronto, exactly like they had done every summer of their lives; even before their testosterone filled hateful hardcore days, and even before their positive, straight-edge, homo erotic, pre-teen, mushroom cut stage.

On this day, Matt dropped an instrumental demo of “The Swords the Streets“ via minidisk into Ben’s sunburned brain. They decided they would do a band, and Ben dubbed it the Marvelous Darlings after what he thought was a quote from Absolutely Fabulous but isn’t at all and just turned out sounding REALLY COOL. They decided they wouldn’t care about it that much, and only put emphasis on what really mattered, which was making good records.

With that manifesto in mind, The Darlings created a slew of awesome tracks, and are now offering a free download of their infectiously catchy - like seriously, get checked out - song “I Don’t Want to Go to the Party” off of their full length, Single Life.

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