Misanthrope Monarch - "The Brotherhood Of Destruction" [Free Song Download]

- Jul 09, 2017 at 01:40PM
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From the German city of Oberhausen comes Misanthrope Monarch, a metal quintet which mix death and thrash to monstrous proportions. The guys released their debut eleven-track album Regress To The Saturnine Chapter - which you can purchase via Bandcamp - July 7th and it's a ripper! Featuring a guest appearance by Kreator's Sami Yli-Sirniö, song after sonically-assault song, you can't help but bang along to these tunes. Good thing then we teamed with the group to offer a free download of their single "The Brotherhood Of Destruction".

What's all the noise about? Well, said the band of the song: "We bow down on our lord's killing fields."

Regress To The Saturnine Chapter Track Listing:

01. Towards The Utopian Kingdom Of Fire
02. Usurping The Throne
03. Crushing The Unbeliever
04. The Brotherhood Of Destruction
05. Dispelled
06. Regress To The Saturnine Chapter
07. Father Sin And The Hollow Spirit
08. Black Sirens Lurking
09. The Omega Embrace
10. Trail Of The Heretic (Maleficium)
11. Cosmic Maze

Check out the music video for the song "The Brotherhood Of Destruction"

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