Muscular Child - "Preacher Man" [Free Song Download]

- Jul 04, 2017 at 10:37PM
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Muscular Child recently released the new album Risk Factor 100% (purchase here) and we are offering you a free download of "Preacher Man," one of the record's standout tracks. The song takes its title from a character played by Julian Barratt in Nathan Barley, though the lyrics don't cover this.

Muscular Child is a supergroup of sorts, featuring members from genre defining bands such as Human Defeat, Versus Ursus and Fleabites. Risk Factor 100% illustrates the free thinking and innovative approach of the band members, as it combines punk, metal and surf to create a buffet of sharp riffs, pummeling drums and searing lead vocals. The album was rehearsed and recorded in an abandoned mental asylum deep within a forest so you know you're getting some songs teetering on the edge of sanity here!

Guitarist Matt Goss commented, "'Preacher Man' is probably the grooviest Muscular Child gets and to top it all off there is an awesome southern rock style MEGA-RIFF at the end, strap in, hold on to your pants and prepare to have your face blown clean off by our tasty metal licks!"

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