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MUSHY CALLAHAN’s New Single is a “Deep Meadow” of Lush Indie Rock [Exclusive Premiere]

- May 08, 2018 at 03:00PM
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Man, we’re so blessed to be able to help so many sick bands to get their rad music shared with our awesome readers. And, to that point, today we’re debuting the superb new single “Deep Meadow” from Toronto rockers, Mushy Callahan, an indie/alternative quartet comprised of four brothers originally from Northern Alberta.

A hard-working, DIY crew, the guys are no strangers to touring or festivals (incidentally, they're performing at Canadian Music Week tonight!), nor to making music. Speaking of which, they’ve got their brand new Revelations EP scheduled for a May 11th release; it follows the debut EP Man on The Run and full-length Makings of a Man.

Commenting on the new single, the band collectively left us with the following:

“The inspiration for this song came from a feeling of running from your past and not looking back. We wanted the song to have a happy, upbeat tone... It’s supposed to be a positive feeling, with general optimism about starting new. It’s one we normally play first in our live set as it’s high energy and fun to play - so naturally, we thought it should lead off the record.”

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