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Neverstar - "Lose Control" [SoundCloud Song Stream]

- Oct 17, 2012 at 03:44PM
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The Skinny: Symphonic metal band Neverstar’s new single "Lose Control", which is scheduled for release on October 22nd, is now available for streaming - listen below! "Lose Control" and its b-side track "Forgotten" will be available as free download a day before general release to those subscribed to the band's mailing list. Thereafter, it will be available from all major digital music platforms.

Vocalist Vega Sims gives some background on the song and its lyrical theme: "'Lose Control' came about after Pieter our guitarist played the intro riff to me on a cold autumn afternoon; we loved the energy and aggression that it brought to the song. Maybe the cold weather had something to do with the mood of the song, let’s just say I’m not a big fan of freezing my ass off. The lyrics speak about the burden of a monotonous routine and doing what society expects of us, both of which I find particularly difficult. I've never liked the idea of doing something just because everyone is doing it or everyone is expecting me to, I guess I've always been a bit rebellious. We all have to just lose control from time to time to keep our own sanity, right?"

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