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NICHOLAS MALLIS Fights for ‘Artificial Irrelevance’ with His New Single “Cave Man” [Song Premiere]

- Mar 05, 2019 at 11:00AM
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We strive to share music from artists which, regardless of their stature or following, serve up some damn fine musical brew that the masses should be chugging. A prime example would be Athens, Georgia’s Nicholas Mallis who, ahead of the April 9th release of his new album Artificial Irrelevance via Laser Brains, is debuting his single, “Cave Man”. (Stay tuned to Mallis’ Bandcamp page for album order info.)

Despite his ’70s glam tendencies, Mallis moves towards more contemporary sounds on “Cave Man,” backed by a hip-hop beat, synth bass and various loops intermixed. The song is comprised of a series of stanzas that range all the way from Mallis’ childhood obsession with dinosaur bones to technological transcendentalism, seasonal affective disorder and criticisms of President Donald Trump’s proposal for a border wall. From a subject matter point of view, this is a single that certainly keeps you guessing.

Stop living in the dark ages and adopt all that is modern and rock and roll, ya “Cave Man”!

With a comment regarding “Cave Man,” Nicholas dropped a note stating, “After I saw the original Jurassic Park, I was obsessed with becoming a paleontologist. I stole paintbrushes from my parents’ closet and chiseled out the root system to a tree in the backyard as if it was a velociraptor fossil. I didn’t become a paleontologist, but I recorded this synth-pop song that mentions my short-lived career as a scientist.”

If you’ve yet to become familiar with Mallis, it’s likely because he’s kept a low profile for many years living in Georgia, playing in bands such as Viking Progress, Sam Sniper, Yo Soybean; he’s even spent time backing up local musical legends like Cindy Wilson and Fred Schneider of the B-52s. Expect to see him out on the road in the Eastern U.S. soon with his backing band The Borealis.

Show Dates:

03/06 - The World Famous - Athens, Georgia - w/ Hunger Anthem, Calico Vision, McQQeen
03/22 - El Rocko Lounge - Savannah, GA - w/ Daddy’s Beemer
04/13 - Caledonia - Athens, GA (Release show)

According to Nicholas Mallis, we are thankfully still living in a “Habitable World”.

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