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Prog Rockers DIZZY MYSTICS Shine Bright on Their New Single “Diamond Duller” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jun 27, 2018 at 05:00PM
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Mysticism aside, this band certainly got the “dizzy” part right! The Winnipeg rock quartet Dizzy Mystics offer up a staggering musical concoction that, considering its progressive and experimental flair, is surprisingly radio-ready. Think Rush and Primus drinking wine with Tool before dropping acid with Frank Zappa and checking out a jazz club with Steely Dan. Dizzying, right?

Jokes aside, frontman Kyle Halldorson, guitarist Alexandre Joyal, drummer Jeffrey Laird and bassist Aaron Bacon have some serious chops and, with the right amount of work, gigging and outside help, this Canadian act has the potential to not only see the end of the tarmac, but to also take off!

Today we’re helping to tease the guys’ upcoming full-length studio recording, Wanderlost, by debuting the beaming new single, “Diamond Duller”. Check it out below... The song is one of ten new tracks which, when combined, results in just under one hour of self-released/produced progressive hard rock. More tunes, and most likely pre-orders can be found at Bandcamp here.

The last song finished, eh? Well, check out Dizzy Mystics performing “Fallasophy” live at Stereobus.

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