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Rochester, NY's OVTLIER are Ready to "Break" Down Walls with Their New Single [Exclusive Premiere]

- Nov 28, 2017 at 10:22AM
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Rochester, NY's fast-rising band, Ovtlier (pronounced: Outlier), have been turning heads with their brand of anthemic hard rock as found on their upcoming debut EP What Doesn't Kill You, which drops on December 8th. Check out some more music via the premiere of new single "Break", head over to iTunes as well, plus get further stoked on the Joey Arena-led band with the recently-released "Set The World In Flames" video below.

When we asked the band about the new single, they said: "'Break' is a powerful asset to the EP. Cowritten by producer Evan McKeever and Jungle Studios, we felt the EP needed it's 'radio song'. It speaks strongly about self empowerment, rising up, putting your foot down and no longer taking someones shit, for a lack of better words. I prefer the listener to take away what they want out of our music. Personally, it's about no longer falling victim to my own demons and any self doubt."

Check out the new video for the single "Set The World In Flames" here.

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