Royal Red Brigade - "Sierra Blanca" [Free Song Download]

- Oct 17, 2016 at 01:48PM
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On August 28th, 2016, the Regina, Saskatchewan-based punk rock n' roll band, Royal Red Brigade, issued their killer 10-track full-length On Crimson Shores - order your copy right here. Loaded with the best aspects of both punk and rock, we were pumped when the band was down to offer a song for free download. So, now that you've wasted your time reading this nonsense, get the track "Sierra Blanca" just above!

OK, and in case you needed more info about these hairy Prairie boys, well, to use their words:

"They are influenced by classic bands of punk, garage and rock lore, as well as by the innovative, genre-defying spirit of contemporary incarnations like the Bronx, The Murder City Devils, and the Hives. . . . The band truly values authenticity, both in the creative expression of song, and in the communities that cultivate subversive art forms."

On Crimson Shores Track Listing:

01. Sometimes The Devil Throws Them Back
02. We Won't Survive
03. Blood Music
04. Eye For An Eye
05. I Need A Medic
06. Why Lie To Me?
07. Sierra Blanca
08. My Heart Spits
09. Sleepwalkers
10. Ships In The Night
11. To The Streets
12. Goodnight Brother

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