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Russian Instrumental Post-Metal Duo ENDNAME Introduce Their Doomy New Offering ‘Eva’ [Exclusive Album Premiere]

- Apr 16, 2019 at 03:00PM
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Russia’s doomy instrumental twosome, Endname deliver some delicious post-metal that’s peppered with electronics, atmospherics, and down-tuned guitars. With four albums to their name, the group are now set to deliver release number five, Eva, on April 19th which eager fans may now pre-order via Slow Burn Records. Today, a few days before it drops globally, we’re stoked to debut the entire album in this exclusive world premiere.

According to the band and a recent press release, Eva, which is “...saturated with atmospheric electronic arrangements designed to enrich and complement the guitar sound” sees the guys continued “the instrumental journey, further and further venturing into open space.” Whatever has been said though, after one listen through it’s evident that Endname’s endgame is to teleport the listener to a black abyss, rendering them alone, drifting through outer space with nothing but their own thoughts and Eva as the soundtrack to their final journey.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet our lovely new friend, Eva.

Eva Track Listing:

01. Sputnik-1
02. Nostromo
03. Pegas
04. Tahmasib
05. Vimana

Before you sign off, check out the video for “Duplication Of The World” here:

The band’s Eva EP drops on April 19th, 2019, via Slow Burn Records.

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