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SAVE THE WORLD Stream New Song "Circus Maximus" via SoundCloud

- Mar 28, 2016 at 10:48PM
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Sure, it's early days for the band, but that doesn't mean that Hendersonville, Tennessee-based modern radio rock band, Save The World, aren't totally worthy of your time! their debut single "Circus Maximus" is out now and you can stream it above via their SoundCloud page.

Save The World, a trio, share an almost telepathic artistic interplay that forgoes genre conventions in favor of a signature sound that’s timely, anthemic, and unitive. Save The World may seem like a lofty name for a band making socially charged music, but unlike other politic dabbling bands, Save The World doesn't align themselves with any particular points of view. Their message is an attitude, and that feeling is being bold.

Debut single "Circus Maximus" is a pent-up passion bursting cry for our new media age. "It's about the poisoning of our society by the 24/7 media," chief songwriter Dan Tracey says. "The bridge features a poignant cameo from rock icon Alan Parsons. It’s a spoken-word piece that chills each time I hear it."

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